About Sea Swept Design

Jeff Sawyer

Sea Swept Design is the Residential Home Design practice of Jeff Sawyer. Originally from Chesapeake, Va., Jeff moved to The Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1984 after working with several Architectural offices in the Tidewater area. Always interested in drawing free hand and having an appreciation for illustration, he found his calling while taking a Mechanical Drawing class in High School.

After moving to The Outer Banks, Jeff worked with several well respected building companies through the years as well with other home designers who enlightened and helped to shape a design philosophy that influences his work to this day. Having a passion to help his client’s achieve their goals and to make their building projects a positive experience is the driving force behind every relationship Jeff has with his clients.


Imperative to the success of any venture between a Consultant and Client, this is the key to gaining Client trust by keeping them informed about the progress of their project from the beginning of the design process to the start of construction.


It is always comforting to know that when you call in or email concerns or questions about your particular project, you will always be speaking to Jeff directly and not to someone unfamiliar with your situation. Waiting around for a return phone call is simply a bad business practice.


Built on years of learning how to perform in business, this element for success cannot be replaced in today’s world of instant gratification. Knowing your craft, treating people kindly and delivering what you say you will is essential to the success of your project and your overall satisfaction.